Jinga Juice Business Opportunity

Low Investment, Low Risk, High Returns

Why Start Your Own Jinga Juice Business?

Quality Products

You are assured of high quality marketable consumable products that covers a wide range of target market.

Low Investment

Dealership comes FREE with a Jinga Pack – with guaranteed ROI and immediate Profit.

Low Risk

No Sales Quotas, No Repeat Purchases, No Dealership Renewals. You get what you deserve without any hassle.

High Returns

We have one of the highest commission pay out for sales and highest potential income per month in the market.

Equal Opportunity

You can do the business regardless of age, experience, education, race or location

Time Freedom

You may do the business at your own schedule and at the convenience of your home.

No Overhead

Free use of our Jinga Juice office and facilities. The business is also portable wherever you go.

Extensive Support

Free Seminars, Free Training and Full-Time Team Support

Become an Authorized Dealer!

Enjoy dealership privileges like Lifetime 50% Discount and Dealership Income

Jinga Juice Business Plan and Compensation

Dealership Plans


You can start small or aim for bigger profit. Maximize your capital with the highest profit margin.

Know what are your dealership options and choose what fits your goals.

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Dealership Privileges


Dealers enjoy different ways to earn and receive various company benefits

Know what’s in it for you and and how you can earn big when you are an authorized dealer.

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How To Join


Start reaching for your dreams and gain the financial freedom you deserve.

Know the 3 easy steps to become a Jinga Juice Dealer. Start the change in your life, today!

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